Virtual Embodiments (2016-2017)

(Originally Darkness Enlightened) (2016-17)

VIRTUAL EMBODIMENTS was an R & D collaboration with Dr. Ann John of Swansea Medical School with funding support from Arts Council Wales. Building on Dr. John’s research into youth mental health problems we worked with 18-24 year old participants who were also gamers to exploit their knowledge of digital realities and avatars to assist them in creating unique virtual versions of their negative feelings. We used the 3D tools VIVE Virtual Reality headset with ‘Google Tilt Brush’ and Kodon 3D sculpting soft wear to enable participants to create in real time a 3D immersive version of their state of mind. The project also explored if ‘affective objects’ can ‘connect’ the participant back to their session, by making 3D printed models that the participants ‘sculpted’ in the 3D environment. The project culminated in an exhibition of film, stills and 3D objects and a public arts and mental health forum.