Digital Cadaver (2001)

Durational DVD, UK touring and Open Space Gallery, Milan (2001)

(Review from BBC Wales 2001)

“A group of young Welsh artists has invaded the Italian style capital of Milan with an exhibition at a prestigious gallery. The exhibition – Arte Da Galles: Una Nuova Generazione (Art From Wales: A New Generation) – features 15 artists from west and south Wales who specialise in video, photography and installation work. Curator Roberto Pinto was invited by the Milanese city council to put together an exhibition for their Open Space Gallery, next to the famous Duomo Cathedral. His interest in video work led him to visit Cardiff last December to look at what work was being done in Wales. The Italian gallery specialises in showing the work of young, emerging artists. While in Wales, Signor Pinto visited a number of galleries looking for suitable work, including Gallery 39 at Mill Lane in Cardiff. Gallery 39 – which was set up in 1998 – shows the work of artists working in video and creating installations – where visitors have to walk around or through the artwork to appreciate it. The work of nine artists who have exhibited work at Gallery 39 have been included in the Milan show.Artists from Chapter and Ffotogallery – both in Cardiff – are also featured.”

Artists showing at Open Space Video – Jonathan Brookes; Peter Finnemore; Michael Cousin; Victoria Tillotson; Stefhan Caddick; Louise Adlam; David Cushway; Paul Granjon; Karen Ingham; Ali Roche. Photography – Peter Bobby; Keith Hardwick Installations – David Hastie; Anthony Hall; Keith Hardwick; Jennifer Savage; Anthony Shapland.

The project was supported by Wales Arts International (WAI) – a partnership between the Arts Council of Wales and the British Council in Wales.